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Available in 30 odor-eliminating scents Pick up or call for your favorite car air freshener.

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Lasts up to two months

Odors tend to overstay their welcome you know the ones - last night's carry out, kids room, this morning's gym clothes or last weekend's trip to the dog park.

Great for your office, home, car, boat

Great for your Home or Office

Are you tired of buying air fresheners that only last for a short period of time? Scentz4U LLC has exactly what you need!

Air fresheners for your Car, Home, Office

Green and Black Stripe

Green and Black Stripe

Air Fresheners | Car Freshener

  • Buy Car Air Fresheners at S4U. Visit our website for more Car Products that suit your needs.

Ultimate air freshener@S4U

No doubt about it-S4U is the ultimate air freshener. A nice welcoming smell every time you get in your car.

Shopping for the right car air freshener became a whole lot easier thanks to S4U

  • Lemon Lemon-Lime Lick Me All Over, Mango, Nucar, Orange, Passion Fruit

Green and Black Stripe

Green and Black Stripe

New Product Fragrance Oil

New Product

Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil

 "Fragrance Oil"

We welcome suggestions for new stock fragrance oils, simply email or call us!


There’s no need to take them out of the pack, however they can be removed from the pack and placed in a heated potpourri dish to freshen your home.


Green and Black Stripe

Green and Black Stripe

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