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29656 Order Scentz4u air fresheners in bulk for your business. All orders ship in 3 days.

Lasts up to Two Months

Buy Car Air Fresheners at S4U. Visit our website for more Car Products that suit your needs.

Lasts up to Two Months Scentz4u long-lasting air fresheners stop odors from overstaying their welcome.

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Scents for the way you live. Where you live. How you live.

Don’t let odors overstay their welcome.  Scentz4u long-lasting air fresheners will eliminate that odor while creating an atmosphere that satisfies all your senses.  Available in 30 fragrances. Use in your car, the room where you keep your gym bag, or your office.  You can even heat it in a potpourri jar.  Order online or pick it up at one of the locations that carry the Scentz4u line.


Starting January 1, 2017  no longer  3 for $12

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